How To Participate

How to participate

Entrepreneurs can participate in two ways:

a. WBAF 66 participation
b. Regular participation

WBAF 66 participation
The WBAF Investment Committee will identify 66 start-ups, scale-ups and high-growth businesses to attend the Global Fund Raising Stage (GFRS) 2019 with a special reduced participation fee of €500. To be eligible for the WBAF 66, you have to participate in the WBAF Startup and Scaleup Process of the WBAF Investment Committee. Please read the WBAF 66 selection process carefully.

Regular participation
Entrepreneurs who do not wish enter the competition or who are not selected as one of the WBAF 66 can purchase the same package for €2500.

Profile on the GFRS – Global Fund Raising Stage

There are two types of pitchers on the GFRS – Global Fund Raising Stage:
Start-ups: Promising businesses that have not yet raised any outside capital from angel investors, venture capital firms or other formal sources of seed funding.
Scale-ups: Typically, these are companies that have received funding from angel investors or VCs and who are now raising €500K – €3M with the aim of internationalising.
Applications from both categories are welcome to send their executive summaries.